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"Mud Creek Apollo"
is a registered
American Mammoth

15 hh Performance Donkey

 trained and owned by Deb Kovac of  NorthPine Donkeys
located in Loganville, GA


Apollo is NOT A MULE, but a rare Mammoth Donkey, properly referred to as "Jackstock". Formally called "American Mammoth Jackstock". These donkeys  were selectively bred for their size and used specifically to breed to draft horses to produce draft mules for the agricultural industry. Apollo's forefathers can be traced back as far as the 1700's in the United States.

Having ridden horses for more than 30 years, switching to a donkey seemed crazy......or did it?

Many people as early as their 30's are discovering they no longer bounce when they hit the ground!  How about the daily work needed to keep your performance horse emotionally fit to safely ride? Do you find yourself lunging your horse because you simply don't have time to work him? Wish you could still feel like you and your mount are accomplishing something without the every day schooling to progress?  Does the idea of having a mount that is safe and sane no matter how long ago you worked them sound appealing? Then...

Think about a donkey

Basic differences in the donkey's evolution makes the donkey a very quiet and reliable mount.

A donkey will tend to stand still when spooked

A donkey will remember FOREVER
A donkey will not flee just because those around him do
Donkeys can and do walk, trot, canter and jump
Donkeys require a bond with their handlers
Donkeys will not be bullied, but can be persuaded

Here are just a few comments from recent "converts"
"Smudge is doing well, he was gelded......... He is the sweetest
 animal. I wonder why I have a horse and a pony. I love my donkey. "

"This is a lot different than what I am used to, but I am finding Bruce
easier to work with than the horses I have worked with. With the horses
it is all about fear and overcoming it. Its not that Bruce does  not
become afraid, its that he seems to evaluate it differently.......he also will pick up a stick in his mouth and carry it over to
the horse. "

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